Wednesday, 9 September 2009

CSM Project Update: First Rhino Completed & Update on the Challenge

The CSM project has gotten off to some false starts, and aside from the Terminator Lord, I have yet to really begin painting proper (Maelstrom promise that I will have the Battleforce in 2 days). Having said that, I have been working on my first CSM Rhino (of the 3 that will eventually be in the 1k army list) and have it ready. I swapped it for some LoTR minis from a friend and it was already in great shape, but I wanted to add some rust and battle damage and generally redo the black paint.

The initial challenge has broken down essentially because I have realised how hard it is to buy decent second-hand minis on ebay. Most of those listed have either been resprayed so many times that they are just like hunks of black tar or are generally knackered. So, I'm trying now to bring a 1k army in at under 100 quid, buying from resellers to try and keep the budget down. The army list is:

Chaos Lord (Mark of Khorne, Power Weapon) 115
10X CSMs (Aspiring Champion w Powerfist, 2 meltas) 200
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40

9x Berzerkers (Skull Champion w Powerfist) 229
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40
10X CSMs (Aspiring Champion w Powerfist, 2 meltas) 200
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40
Heavy Support
Predator (Sponson Las cannons) 130

(994 points in total)
(115 points painted)

On a related note, I've completed the revisions to my Damnatus article and just sent it back to TCS's editors. continue.

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