Monday, 5 October 2009

CSM 1000pt Project Update: Complete!!!

After a weekend burst of creativity, I managed to finish off my 1k of CSMs last night. In total there are 1049 pts (counting the Terminator Lord as a Daemon Prince with wings). I might get the DP down the line, but at the moment i can't be bothered (plus I'm always saying that I don't want to paint another metal mini):

Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Lash of Submission) 155
10X CSMs (Aspiring Champion w Powerfist, 2 meltas) 210
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40

10X CSMs (Aspiring Champion w Powerfist, 2 meltas) 210
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40
9x Berzerkers (Skull Champion w Powerfist) 229
Rhino (T/L Bolter) 40
Heavy Support
Predator (Sponson Las cannons) 130

The plan next is to take them up to 1.2k and then 1.5k by Xmas. A friend has given me a Defiler which would take my army up to 1.2k easily (running it with 2 close combat weapons). After that I will either go for another 10 CSMs (if for no other reason than I love painting them), another Defiler or maybe even another Daemon Prince. I'm edging towards another defiler though at the moment. I've also bought some Bloodletters on ebay last night for a tenner that I might use either for this army or a daemon army down the line somewhere.

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  1. i'd love to say i understand what you're saying, but i don't - they look good and i'm very impressed with the barbed wire on the vehicle :-)