Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ultramarines: The Movie Trailer: WAS THAT IT???!!!

After much hype and speculation, a trailer for the forthcoming Ultramarines film was released today on the official site. The production company had been previewing loads of shots of what the weapons are going to look like (cos, hey, that's all we are interested in, right? forget plot, characterisation etc. Just give us a nice bolter and we are happy. er....)
Well, my initial reaction is that even the diehard fanbois are going to find it hard to say anything overly fanboi-ish about it. Clocking in at just over a minute, the majority of the trailer is John Hurt narrating (with his AMAZING voice) and then a shot of a hagged-looking Ultramarine....and that's it. really.
Aside from the fact that the trailer doesn't really give you much at all, the CGI marine looks really poor - about on par with the one on the start of Dawn of War intro movie from back in the day (in fact the guy on the trailer looks like his grandfather).
I'm always willing to stand corrected, but my guess is that this is shaping up to be bad, really bad.


  1. Less the Ultramarines Teaser and more the Ultramarines Screensaver.

  2. man its bad not only does the marine look like he needs a wheel chair to get around but the line 'the greatest of them all are the ultramarines.' is a big lie.

    agree with you poor!

  3. yeah, it would be cool to add a voice in the background shouting 'oy granddad, get back in yer dreadnought!'