Monday, 31 May 2010

1500pts of Imperial Fists Completed

In record time (at least for me), I've completed the 1.5k gold Imperial Fist army that I began just over a month ago. I would have completed it faster if I hadn't got distracted by painting up my FoW Panzer list and generally got disillusioned by all things GW-related with the news of the price rise.

The final list is:

Captain Darnath Lysander (200)

5 Scouts (Missile Launcher & Teleport Homer) (100)
5 Scouts (Missile Launcher & Teleport Homer) (100)

5 Tactical Squad (Powerfist & Razorback) (190)
10 Tactical Squad (Powerfist, Flamer, Missile Launcher & Rhino w Storm Bolter) (240)

5 Terminators (storm bolters) (200)
5 Terminators (storm bolters) (200)
5 Terminators (storm bolters) (200)

Fast Attack
Land Speeder (Heavy Bolter & Multi Melta) (70)


  1. The gold rather than yellow is very interesting. I like it.

  2. thanks! i liked the idea of yellow, but when i listened to an IF audiobook it described them as golden, so i thought it would give it a try

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