Thursday, 31 December 2009

2010 Gaming Resolutions

I never keep resolutions, but here are some gaming ones for 2010 anyway:

*Finish my Chaos armies. I need to finish my chaos armies. It's only a matter of my Daemon Prince of Nurgle, 4 more spawn, and 7 more plague marines and then all 3 are finished to 1.5k.

*Try and play more games. I want to try and get out and play more games - at least 2 a month. Linked with this, I need to try and get my head further around the rules (esp. close combat)

*500pts of Imperial Guard. My project for spring is to get 500pts of Guard up and on the table for some skirmish games.

*More Work/Fun. I also need to get my 40K fanfilm article sorted out and published and finish off my fanfiction article and get that out there as well.

*Develop my Painting. I especially want to get more into highlighting, detailing faces, and to start doing more interesting things with basing.

*Blog More. Finally, I will try and do one blog post a week.

Happy New Year!!!!

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