Saturday, 5 December 2009

LOTS of Pics - 9,000pt Game, Nurgle etc etc

A BIG photo update for the weekend.

First some shots of the 9,000pt game i played with Rob and Ian earlier in the week at the Wargamestore:
The Salamanders arrive via drop pod

The state of play at the half-way point. Lots of speedbumps for tanks, but still everything to play for (check out the old skool landraiders, rhinos and predators)

The endgame - a draw

and now for some Nurgle:
Firstly, here is the big cheese himself, Typhus. I've been reading The Flight of the Eisenstein this week, so I felt suitable inspired to paint him up last night and this morning. I'm really happy with him - especially loving the purple & yellow pus dripping all over him.

More details on the purple and yellow pus. The top of the termi armour looks really great: nice and festering. Speaking of festering, here are my plaguebearers:

I just have 6 more to paint to make 21 in total.

Again, I'm really loving the dried blood on the weapons and on their bodies.

More coming soon...

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