Saturday, 19 December 2009

40K Fanfiction Research: More thoughts on 'More of/From'

I'm beginning to firm up more the (admittedly not written-in-stone) distinction between 'More of' and 'More From'. I think it makes sense to situate the stories on a continuum ranging from 'More Of' stories through 'More From' to 'More Than' in terms of their relative degree of transformation of the canon.

More Of: Stories that offer us 'more of ' the 40K universe: focusing on war/grimdark (bolter-porn of Ultramarines V Orks), extending exisiting narratives (see below) or the stories of existing characters. I would also include within this attempts to write in a self-conscious BL style (maybe for publications, maybe for security).

More From: attempts to situate a story within the W40K universe, but to tell a story different than the typical BL-fare (what I termed 'Refocusing the Camera' below)

More Than: (thanks for Sholto for suggesting this) where the author rejects the canon and attempts to tell a different story (the whole Horus Heresy was just a dream and Horus wakes up from a nightmare a la A Thief in the Night) or where they try really skew the canon in a different direction. Im guessing that humour could also be fitted in here as the author seems to be saying 'forget all this grimdark, lets have a laugh at it all'. I would also include stories here that tried to re-read non-40K stories through the lens of 40K. Possible examples:

Calming the Daemonhost by Dan Pickens (Disney's Beauty and the Beast re-read through W40K)

Primarchs by Lastie (a comedic take on the Primarchs)

This is all pretty fluid though still...

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  1. For a humour-filled take on the Horus Heresy, may I recommend Ballistichimp's 'Heresy Begins With a Word'?