Friday, 15 January 2010

The Guard Project Begins!!

One of the simple, albeit not cheap. pleasures in life has to be opening a 40K battleforce box.
I came home from work yesterday to find the first of two that I have bought from Maelstrom Games had arrived, officially signalling the beginning of the Guard Project.
My plan is to try and paint up 500, then 750 and then finally 1.2k points over the next few months, using them as an opportunity to work on faces/skin, lighter colours and new basing techniques.

The only downside to the project so far is that, as occurred with the CSM project, the Guard project has also been cursed with bad ebay purchases. I bought 2 Leman Russ tanks before Xmas and they also arrived this week. However, one of them is missing half its treads and some other bits and bobs, meaning that I have enough bits to make 1.5 at the most. I'm currently haggling with the seller over a refund or more treads.

On a related note, I've completed an initial draft of the W40K fanfiction project article. More about that, though, next week...


  1. Good luck with the guard mate. Chester seems the place for guarders, might have to move - lol

  2. sheer amount of contents in the box is daunting - good luck :-)