Friday, 22 January 2010

Imperial Guard Project: 65pts in

Painted first 10 of my IG this week (65pts), with 10 more about 80% done

My aim is to have my first platoon finished by this time next week.
I have some more to keep me going lol


  1. Lookin' good. How long does a single model take you at this quality?

  2. thanks!
    It tends to take a day or so to do 10.

  3. Really nice work. I've never seen anyone do an army in traditional Cadian colours before, and the scheme itself is actually pretty decent. I'll be following this blog to see how you progress!

  4. great to have you on board!
    I experimented with about 5 different schemes and in the end plumped for this one - im usually drawn in by colours rather than fluff, and i just loved the khaki