Sunday, 7 February 2010

40K Fan Projects: A quick Update

This week has been a pretty hectic week for my 40K fanstudies project. I heard back from Popular Entertainment Studies that they didn't want my fanfiction article for their first edition. I was half expecting this as I knew that it didn't fit in the theme for that edition, but I thought I would try anyway.
Better news came back on my W40K fanfilm article. Transformative Works and Cultures finally accepted my third draft of the article (the first two had admittedly been a bit rushed), and hopefully it should be coming out in 2011.
This year I'm planning on presenting the papers based on the 40K fanfilm and fanfiction projects at the Far West Popular Culture Assoc and at the Popular Culture Assoc/American Culture Assoc. Conference in St Louis

I've also done a fair bit of painting too...


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