Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Combat Patrol: Thoughts on Missions

I've really buzzed off the discussion that has emerged from thinking about Combat Patrol. I think I will have a go at the rules that Joe posted over at his blog once i get my initial 500pts of Guard finished (only one more Chimera and a PCS to go):

CCS (4x Meltaguns) 90
Chimera (Multi-laser & heavy flamer) 55

PCS (4x Meltaguns) 70
Chimera (Multi-laser & heavy flamer) 55
10 Troops (Grenade Launcher, autocannon) 65
10 Troops (Grenade Launcher, autocannon) 65
10 Troops (Grenade Launcher, autocannon) 65

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinel (autocannon & smoke launcher) 45

The next question is what missions to play. Obviously with just one, maybe 2, troop choices it will be difficult to play multiple (3+) objective games. So what options are there?. My first port of call is going to be the scenarios currently being played over in Philly. Looking through the old 4th edition rulebook, 3 scenarios look also useful: Rescue (p. 190); Sabotage (p.206); and Ambush (p.206)


  1. I think Sentinels can have a lot of Combat Patrol style theme to them. I'm not real sure how well they'll perform, but I find Dreadnoughts to be deadly in small points games, so maybe Sentinels will hit a comprise between being very useful and fitting within the standard Combat Patrol rules?

    On that note about theme, I think one of the reasons I'm very interested in Combat Patrol style games is because it has a lot of elements in how I view my chapter of Marines: Small, mobile, used to patrolling around on forested planets. For example, this recent model has some definite Combat Patrol style theming:


    The nice Chimera you posted the other day has some of that feel too---all the mud gives it a good "been out a long time" kind of feel.

  2. Thanks! Loving the speeders too. I used to have 3 with my SM army but could never get the handle of how to use them. I tended to just charge them in at turn one and get them wiped out or leave them till the last turn on an objective mission and launch them to find that they were 4" too far away from the objective :-/
    Its a pity that GW have passed up the chance to support small games (obviously they would prefer us to buy 3 baneblades for some reason). Hopefully I will be playing a game of CS in a week or so using the missions from the Tournament. will post an update then