Sunday, 21 February 2010

Imperial Guard out on (Snow) Patrol

"Look, someone is taking our picture! Look sharpish, lads!"

I woke up this morning (as an old bluesman might say) to find a lovely blanket of snow outside, so I quickly gathered up my 500pt IG Combat Patrol army and got some pictures of them before it all went. The pictures came out a bit darker than I would have liked, but I love the look of the snow. The snow was deep but not compacted so the Chimeras started to sink down.

All things being equal, I'm hoping for two gaming outings this week - one with my Daemons and one playing Combat Patrol with my Guard.


  1. wow, i love how the chimera is sunk slightly in the last photo, it looks like its modelled onto a gaming board.

    we had severe weather warnings today, but instead, we have had clear skies, which is a damn shame, because it would have been fun to get photoing in the snow me'self.

    consider me a follower!

  2. I really like the lead profile picture of the commander. That's a good looking paintjob on the whole forec.

  3. thanks!
    the snow came and went pretty quickly and its sunny now.
    i love the narrative idea of the last photo: the platoon CS is warmly inside the chimera while the lads are having to tramp through the snow

  4. They're looking great. I especially like the commander.

    Natural light makes such a difference to photographing minis, and the contrast with the snow really makes the painting stand out.

  5. Excellent mate, must say, your models have a real natural look, I'm envious.

    I did think of taking mine out into the snow, and then realised how cold it was!

  6. ta!
    Yes, towards the end of the shoot i did lose feeling in my fingers!