Saturday, 29 August 2009

1.6k of Salamanders are Complete

I've been working on 1.6k of Salamanders for a few months now and thought that they would make a great introductory post as I'm really happy with how they turned out:
HQ: Vulkan He'stan
Elites: 3 Dreadnoughts (Brothers Iccio, Adso & Adelmo)
Troops: 4 Tactical Squads
Transports: 7 Drop Pods

I've enjoyed painting them although I'd forgotten how much i hate painting vehicles (esp. drop pods). Luckily i already had some assembled and I was able to buy a couple more fully assembled, but not painted, from the bay of e for only a couple of quid more than they would have been new (more money but none of the hassle of assembling). I also love the bases, that I got from over at Dark Art Miniatures