Monday, 31 August 2009

An initial 750 Pt Chaos Space Marine List

OK, Day 1 of my CSM 750pt challenge. I've spent 13 quid and begun to work out my list:

Chaos Lord (Mark of Khorne, Powerfist) 130

10X CSMs (Aspiring Champion w Powerfist, Icon of Khorne, 2 meltas) 240
Rhino (Daemonic Possession) 55
9x Berzerkers (Skull Champion w Powerfist) 229
Rhino (Daemonic Possession) 55

Which leaves me with 41 pts to play with to get to 750. I'm thinking of dropping the daemonic possession, but that would only free up 40 pts and I can't buy much heavy support for 80 pts (i.e. a basic Predator)

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