Saturday, 29 August 2009

About Me

I first got into painting minis back in the 80s when I was a kid (and the minis were all metal). I was always too poor to buy minis and paint then so i just used to paint the same 20 or so minis over and over again (as i recall they were the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings box and some general fantasy creatures). I swapped the lot for my first guitar when I was 16.
[fast forward a couple of decades]
I got back into painting and started playing 40K last July on a whim and have been painting and playing ever since (as well as playing LoTR). I've painted up a LOAD of minis in the meantime, most of which Ive sold on to buy more (inc. two complete 1.5k Space Orks and Tyranids). At the moment I'm playing Salamanders in 40K and playing a variety of armies in LoTR (mainly Rohan, Easterlings, Uruk Hai & Dwarves).
I like painting plastic minis, hate painting vehicles, and keep promising that i will never paint another metal mini (but always keep painting them). I love playing LoTR SBG, but am pretty cynical about War of the Ring (AKA Warhammer of the Ring).

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