Sunday, 30 August 2009

Coming Up

Over the next few weeks/months, I'm going to use my blog to do two main things:

First, I've decided to put together a small (500-750pt) Chaos Space Marine army, so I will use the blog to keep up with here I am - hopefully tracing their development from bits of plastic through to battle-winning heretics. The challenge that I've set myself is to try and (a) build the army up complete from second-hand/bay of e purchases and (b) to try and bring the whole thing in under a certain budget (30-50 quid). This may necessaitate a bit of wheeler-dealering; buying boxsets for one item and then flogging the rest back on the bay of e.

Second, I'm going to use the blog as a way of linking my academic interest in fan studies with 40K. When I'm not painting, my day job is as an academic and I have recently become interested in debates in fan studies. As no one - as far as I can tell - has looked at 40K from a fan studies perspective, it would be interesting (to me at least to do so). Rather than starting with trying to express my ideas formally, I will use the blog as a way of 'thinking aloud' about how various issues in fan studies intersect with 40K and other parts of the GW universe. This may be of interest to players. Hopefully it will and we can have a conversation.
I've already written a bit on this - an article on the German W40K fanfilm, Damnatus, that was banned from being released by GW back in 2007 - and hopefully if that article is published, I can develop the ideas raised here as well.

EDIT (31/8) First batch of Chaos incoming: 1 Chaos Lord & 17 Khorne Berzerkers for 13 quid

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