Saturday, 29 August 2009

Space Hulk Thoughts

I was initially excited when I heard on the forums that GW were going to re-release Space Hulk - not least because, according to the rumours - you were going to get a pack of terminators and genestealers in the box for around 50 quid. Well, the game has been released and it's nearer 60 quid. I came within an inch of buying it when i saw the box and all the blurb on the GW site, but I've decided to hold off due to cost (I could have handled 50 quid, but psychologically 60 quid seems too much) and because (a) the minis (although they look great) can't be used in a standard game without converting them and they are in Blood Angels colours (so cannot, I believe, be played with the current SM codex). I'm also not convinced about how 'limited' an edition it is. Even if it is 'limited', there will be copies on the bay of e in a couple of months/years when the kids want to get rid of them.

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  1. I dont't see why You could not use terminators on regular wh40k game ? Just put them on 40mm bases and go. They are regular terminators with power fists, storm bolters etc. Stealers might cause problems to put them on 25mm bases because of their fancy poses and terrain pieces. 60 pounds it's much but one regular box of 5 terminators cost 24 pounds... so normalny you have to pay 50 pounds for 10 terminators. While there is 12 SH box, stealers, rules, counters. So in my opinion it's not that expensive compearing to GW prices. But I do have to say that GW prices are sick :P